The House

Libik House is a creative studio based in Madrid, Spain. Our house offers strategy, design & production for all kind of personal, artistic and commercial projects, related to any visual development or identity system.

We know that direct, transparent, simple and functional are adjectives that describe a well-executed design. But we think that they do not have to be at odds with unexpected accidents and chance. We strongly believe that it’s often very necessary to let yourself be carried away by the poetics of improvisation. That way we stumble upon a significant icon in the form of a stain in the tablecloth or discover an idea for an illustration between the lines of a map of a ghost town.

Those imperfections of the analogue, those treasures found out of context, enrich and give value to the works, seasoning them with humour and freshness on a much more human scale.

We offer:

• Brand Identity / Visual Identity systems.
• Art Direction.
• Editorial Design.
• Illustration, Data visuals and storytelling.
• Packaging
• Artworks and Interior Design.
• Squarespace web design (with or without e-commerce).

Design is made with what is known, while art is unexpectedly created with the unknown

Libik House

Myrte Huyts – Project Manager

Myrte has a broad experience in team management. She is good at creative problem solving, capable of building relationships, communicating ideas, and providing thoughtful, clear, actionable direction to team members and clients. In Libik House she is the link between customer and Creative Director. She makes sure to understand the wishes of the client, list their priorities and ensures that each project meets established deadlines and financial guidelines.

Myrte is in charge of:

Arranging the first meeting where we negotiate and discuss our work method
• Researching all the information needed for the project
Planning a strategy and concept approach together with the Creative Director
Keep supervision while the designers do their magic
• Arranging a last meeting to toast to the end of another successful project

Dutch by birth, Myrte studied Literature in Amsterdam and finished her degree in Madrid where she has been managing cultural activities with groups and working as a translator for over 10 years.
Fond of singing and drawing disproportionate animals.


Javier Reta – Creative Director

Javier is a strong conceptual thinker able to translate the customer’s concepts into graphics. For every situation or project he will find a visual language that is fitting, so that the clients can effectively transmit their message.

Javier fulfills the functions of:

•  Creative Director
•  Art Director
•  Graphic Designer
•  Illustrator
•  Abstract Painter

Visual artist Javier Reta was born and raised in Madrid, where he studied Fine Arts. He constantly comes and goes from design to visual arts, crossing a border that his hands don’t understand, but his mind does.
After having worked as a graphic designer for a well-known international telecommunication company and as a graphic editor for the leisure guide of the newspaper “El País”, Javier Reta founded Libik House where he can freely develop his creativity.

At Libik House we develop Visual Identities for commercial, artistic and personal projects. We develop the brand from start to finish, beginning with a phase of discovering who the customer is and then interpreting these results in order to take them to essential concepts that we visually translate into logo, types, colour and other graphic supports.

We love Editorial Design and developing publications such as catalogues, dossiers, reports, yearbooks, memoirs, artist´s books, albums, magazines and books in which the combination of text, photos and illustration in the layout plays a leading role in the message.

We also print business cards (100 x 60mm max) in our workshop with a hot foil stamping machine. Paquita, that’s how we named her, is a rare machine from the sixties that we adore. This vintage treasure allows us to do embossing and hot foil printing on countless supports.